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Programs for Guilds

I explain how taking my first quilt sampler class and many applique classes eventually took me to Switzerland to teach hand applique and as the first American quilter to teach in Hungary...twice.
I believe in The Power of One and know that by going to Hungary on my own dime, bringing fabrics and other supplies donated by the members of the Mountain Laurel Quilters' Guild in Clarkesville, GA, and the Hall County Quilt Guild in the Gainesville, GA, area, that a lot of minds and hearts of the quilters in Hungary were changed after several generations had lived under the Nazi and Communist rules and being told we were the bad people of the world.
There have been a number of funny situations along the way, most of which are the result of language, plumbing and cultural differences. I love to hear the laughter here and there during my programs and try to inspire others to "jump off the cliff" when an opportunity comes their way to meet with and get to know quilters from other states and countries.

I bring a lot of show and tell material with me for these programs as well as quilts and my patterns.

Radical Rooster Class Using Fusible Web

Colorful roosters come out of the coop in this class. They range from pastels to wild fabrics or combinations of coordinating colors. I teach you how to combine and choose colors BEFORE cutting into the fabrics. And sometimes we fussy cut holes in the middle of the fabric. Fun!

You'll see how using an overlay with a pressing sheet on a pressing board (Florine's Fabulous Board) can instantly make you an expert using fusible web material. The reversed pieces of the pattern are included with the class fee, as is a see-through overlay of the pattern. You also receive a copy of the pattern, which includes a Simplified AND and an Advanced version of the pattern.  We use the Advanced version in the class and that's to prove to you that you are an “expert” on my method when you head home.

With a minimum of 8 classmates, finding the right fabric for your rooster will be easy. We “share a feather” when someone finds it in your stash, or you in theirs.

This class is approximately 5 hours long so we stop to eat a quick lunch at noon. Some students won't stop to eat. It's too much fun and they want to see their finished rooster. Now! Then they take them home, peel it off the pressing sheet and adhere it to the background of their choice.

Past Attendee Comments

“It was a great class—stimulating and well organized. Wonderful to go home with a completed rooster. I was excited enough to buy two more rooster patterns.”

“Class was fun, stretched your use of color and possibilities – all in all a great class.”

“My friends and I liked the class so much that we have each created a rooster that we put together to create a table runner as a special gift for a friend. It was a great project to share with each other.”