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When women have been married for a number of years get the news that their spouse is ill and will not be around as long as they thought he would be, it's a shock to the system. This started for me about a year ago. All of a sudden your mind goes over all that you do not know but are going to have to know when the time comes. You stop your life as you know it and start taking on more and more. In my case, I stopped doing any quilting but kept up with my work filling orders for my patterns.

Reading has always been my first love. Reading lets you escape into the world of someone else. About the time of my shock, I picked up a book by FERN MICHAELS displayed in the "Summer Reading" area of the library. It was titled WEEKEND WARRIORS. Seven strong women taking on legal injustices by becoming vigilantes. I was enthralled and wanted more. I thought there would be seven books as each one covered an injustice, but to my delight I discovered there are 25 books under the group heading "The Sisterhood Novels." I've just finished #23 and am looking for #24. Fern Michaels has also written many other books and I intend to read them all!

Meantime, I'm also trying to continue doing some applique every day and a machine quilting project. It is slow going, but little by little I will get things done and I'll enjoy the journey along the way. My year to FINISH has been sidetracked a good bit.

Read any good books lately?

Quote found in a puzzle book: "Those considering themselves superior aren't."