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First Stab at Stitching

This is the very first needlework I ever remember working on. It was one of two kits offered by the Good Housekeeping magazine. The other was a rectangle of a sunflower and I think I still have that kit. I believe these kits were purchased around 1969 or 1970. I started working on the tree and realized I needed to put it into a hoop on a stand because of the size (30" x 30".) That hoop stand made it sooo much easier to work on. I could put it in front of a dining room chair and stitch away with one hand on top and the other below. The whole tree was worked with up and down straight stab stitching. The thread was wool and the background was wool also. The work was easy and that's why it was FINISHED! My husband, Ed, framed it for me and it has been hanging in our home ever since. Today it hangs over my bed.


From that first stitching, I graduated to crewel work. Now crewel work was interesting and it was fun to try different stitches. I completed (FINISHED) a vase of bittersweet (also a kit) and it hangs in my dining room. One day I'll give crewel a go again because I love working with a needle in my hand. (There's that word FINISHED again.)