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Never say 'Never'

I took three years of Home Economics in grade school. At that time in Minnesota, they started training girls in the 5th grade to be farm wives. They had two person stations for cooking and baking classes, plus sewing machines to teach us how to sew aprons to wear when we were cooking, naturally. I can whip up a mean apple muffin for breakfast.

We even had to bring a sock to school with a hole in it so we could be taught how to properly trim, then weave sewing threads to repair it using a wooden darning egg. My sock was a pale yellow. I actually enjoyed weaving a covering for that hole with needle and thread. Apparently I did a decent job of it because a day later in math class the math teacher had gotten my sock from the Home Ec. teacher and proceed to hold it up to the class and exclaim what a wonderful wife I would make. I wanted to sink through the floor and be out of there! That was my first memory of using a needle and thread but it took me years before I started any other handwork. BTW, when did people stop mending socks?

I think I was even brainwashed into taking one year of Home Ec. in high school in North Dakota. I screwed up ironing a long table cloth using the Mangle. It kind of got away from me. To get out of there in time for the next class, I carefully folded it so the creases were inside. Whoever needed to use that cloth next had a problem! I decided then and there I was "never" going to get married or live on a farm. Never did live on a farm, but that other "never," ha!

Sew on and Sew forth.