Florine Johnson Designs - Hand & Fusible Rooster Appliques for Quilts & Crafts


Working on the churn dash wall hanging had became an obsession. Quilting on the sewing machine is not something I'm really good at but something urged me on to the detriment of getting other things done. That's just not right. Finishing is my goal, but not to the point of neglecting the joy of the journey. I woke up this morning and realized this particular journey had become work, not a pleasure.

From now on, the journey itself will be sufficient, something to enjoy and done carefully to hone my skills. Once a project is finished and out there in the world, the pleasure of working on that project is gone. They become things, for which we need to find a purpose. If they're regular sized quilts they can be used to keep warm. Wall hangings need a blank wall and I'm running out of wall space. This particular wall hanging is personalized with greetings, drawings and signatures of the makers so it's a keeper. However, next time I make something, I will decide whether to sell it, give it away or keep it, even before I start the work on it. No more frantic obsessions to "get 'er done."

For those uninitiated with the usage of UFO in the quilting, crafting world, it's UNFINISHED OBJECTS.

Sew on and sew forth!