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UFOs And I Are Staring Each Other Down and I Intend to Win!

Finally, at this age, I get it. Adopting the idea of choosing one word for the year, I chose "FINISH." Beginning in December it looked like I might be able to finish a project I drew out of a jar. Listing about 20 UFO's, numbering them and cutting up little post-it notes, I wrote a number on each one to cover each UFO and folded them shut so I couldn't see the number. Into the jar they went.

The second list of the UFO's contained the location of each of them. Most projects went into a box together, but some couldn't fit and I had to find another location for those. This list of locations will save me many hours of searching when I've drawn a number for a project that isn't in the box. Yes! I need this list.

The first UFO I pulled out of the jar wasn't my first choice. But I made the rules and must abide with them. This first project is the Churn Dash blocks given to me by the Hall County Quilt Guild way back in 1999 as a gift for being their presiding president that year.


The photo shows the blocks put together as a 27" x 33" wall hanging, but still needs quilting, binding and a label. Maybe I'll get it finished by the end of February. You think? I can't wait to see what the next project will be. Sew on and sew forth!