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Cereal and Quilting ?

Remember Count Chocula, Boo Berry and Franken Berry cereals from the 70's? They've been pretty much unavailable since 2010. But now they are coming back for Halloween and will be available in September. These 3 cereals will have a limited time period in which they can be purchased.

So why am I writing about this you ask? And what do General Mills cereals and quilting have in common? Well nothing really, NADA, except.......General Mills wanted to redesign the characters for the cereal boxes.

They contacted DC Comics who, in turn, arranged for artists they've worked with to redo these characters. DC chose our son, Dave Johnson, to redesign Franken Berry. (I love his fingernails.) Credit to the
designers appears on the side of the boxes. The new designs are really cute and we're proud of our son, Dave.

I can't wait to see them in the stores so I can grab a few boxes. So if you remember Monster cereals or have sons and daughters who remember them and/or have grandchildren who've never heard of them, get to the grocery store and take a look.

If you would like pictures of how they look and the article written about this, click here.