Florine Johnson Designs - Hand & Fusible Rooster Appliques for Quilts & Crafts


I normally make my bindings for a quilt double the width, and then the length plus some around it so I can miter the corners.  

A while back I signed up for a class with Lauren Vicek to make a small wall hanging with lots of handwork with glittery sequins and beads on it.  I was dazzled by the sparkly tiny flower sequins and the way everything looked on that small piece.  When it came to the binding, I decided to use 4 strips of single fold binding so I could use one fabric for 2 sides and the other 2 sides of another fabric.  Everything was going well until I had to put the project aside for several months.  

When I picked up the project again to finish the 4th side of the binding, I was stumped.  I couldn't remember how to do a single binding and finish off the corners.  I had done it on the other sides without problems, but just could not remember.  I tried folding the binding in half, but then it wouldn't reach over the edge around to the back.  Not only that, but even looking at the other corners, I couldn't figure out how to finish the ends. 

After fiddling with the binding, it finally dawned on me that I was trying to put a double binding on instead of a single layer binding on as I had with the other 3 sides.  Duh!  From there, it was easy to figure out how to finish off the ends.  Whew!