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The possessed mouse

I truly believe that I shouldn't be allowed to change programs or do anything to the computer other than just working with the programs I know how to use. 

The other day my personal folders in the e-mail section (Thunderbird) disappeared.  I started doing that panic thing.  What had I recently done?  I had added Adobe Flash something or other and then deleted it because it might be the cause of my problems.  There was something else I had upgraded, but that shouldn't have made all my folders disappear.  Just to make life complete, my mouse was possessed.  It was running all over the screen like a chicken with its head cut off.  I couldn't tame it.

After several days of this, I took it to the local guru computer company.  In 24 hours it was back.  Today the mouse took off again without me so I trucked it back to the shop.  Of course, by the time I got there (5 minutes?) the mouse was working just fine, thank you.  Geez.

I will stick with it as it is working as of this minute, but if it misbehaves again, back to the shop it will go. 

By the way,  the tech guy showed me a teeny, tiny triangle up by the incoming e-mail area.  Somehow I had clicked on it and it turned off my folders.  One tiny click and they were back.  So simple, yet so frustrating when you don't know the trick of turning it off and on.

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