Florine Johnson Designs - Hand & Fusible Rooster Appliques for Quilts & Crafts

Still learning After All These Years

I'm taking a little time to try different methods for hand applique.  I really do enjoy learning new things.  Over the years, I've taken classes from various applique teachers and have practiced much.  

The other day it was small circles.  Now there are such things as "perfect circles," but I've never come that close to accomplishing them.  Trying a method of making my circle templates out of Templar, I have learned how to make "darned near perfect circles."  Yes!  With more practice I may be able to make "almost perfect circles."

Next, it will be stems.  I learned how to make skinny stems from Judy Simmons years ago, but am willing to try other methods.  That's how we find out which is best for us.  After doing some wider bias stems a long time ago and trying to get them to bend really sharply like an upside down "U" for a block of Poppies, there didn't seem any way to eliminate a bunch of wrinkles in the bending part.  Afterward it occurred to me that just tracing the stems on freezer paper just as they were drawn, and then cutting that out of fabric would have been much easier way to stitch them down.  Duh. 

Sometimes it's a good thing to experiment and then stop and think about how it might be done easier, better and more simply.

Off to the studio.