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Making space, using machines and grinding wheat.

What do you do when you need space in the cupboards?  Take out some of the old things in there?  We did and we found some sealed buckets of grains purchased at least 5 or more years ago.  One was of unground wheat. 

We also have a Vita Mix machine that's about the same age, but until recently hadn't been used as it could have been.  Being a bit adventurous, we decided to put the Vita Mix and some of the wheat together to see if we could make flour.  Then we could test the flour to see if it would make a good small loaf of bread.  So we did.  The flour tasted fine so we went on to the next step.  Using our bread machine, we put it to work and in about 5 hours, out came a terrific small loaf of bread.  The bread has no preservatives, the wheat was still very good, the machines worked perfectly and we are tickled about the result of our experiment. 

My husband has been using the bread making machine for some time by buying flour at the grocery store.  We will be experimenting with the other grains we have discovered in those high up shelves to see what else we can make.  If we're ever without electricity, we may have to get a grinding stone to make flour and learn how to knead bread by hand.  Oops, guess we'd have to have a solar oven to bake it though.