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First day of my blog

Today is the first day of this new blog.  I will occasionally write something I'm doing, thinking about, learning or even grousing about. 

My sewing machine, the wonderful Janome 6600P, has a walking foot built in and miscellaneous buttons to push.  It also has a speed regulator.  I usually have it on a slower speed because it can take off without me when it's set at the full Indy 500 speed record.  That's about 1000 stitches a minute or some other scary thing.  

The other day I was working on a panel wall hanging just for the practice.  I plan to conquer that machine one of these years!  I've had the machine for more than a couple of years and could never seem to stop the needle exactly when I wanted to.  It always stopped too soon or ran over a stitch or two.  Have you ever had that problem? 

Then it dawned on me.  I could stop a couple of stitches prior to where I needed to stop and just push the "up/down" button until the needle was where it was supposed to stop.  Eureka.