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A Note from Florine:

Fusible Help.  Do you plan to work your rooster pattern(s) using the fusible method?  Don't you wish you could skip the step of tracing them in reverse?  Wouldn't you love to work up the Advanced pattern rather than the Simplified pattern?   Well, I have the answer for you.

Announcing:  "Pieces."  I've drawn each of the reverse pieces for all the Advanced rooster (and Hilda) patterns for you and added seam allowances where necessary to keep them all together as you assemble your rooster on an applique pressing sheet.  Once assembled, you can peel the whole design off  the pressing sheet and take it to your chosen background fabric.  So along with your pattern order, you can now order these and make your work easier and faster.  You'll find them listed under FUSIBLE WORK PATTERNS and on the printable order blank.  Best of all, they are only $1.50 per rooster design. (PIECES are not stand alone patterns.  Each needs the corresponding pattern to be successfully used.)

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Prefer a Fabric Kit?
Kits with our Radical Rooster patterns can be purchased with all the fabric needed from our friends at Stitch-n-Frame

Click on their "on-line catalog" and then type "roosters" in the search box.